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“US has some of the highest quality

coal in the world. If we had a west coal

terminal we could be exporting it into

the Asian market,

which gets very hun-

gry for high quality coal. If we exported

that coal, we would be displacing lower

quality coal sourced from other countries,

and the net benefit is that there would be

lower CO2 emissions. Those people are

going to burn coal anyway, so why not

burn the highest quality coal they can


– Steven Winberg, U.S. Department of

Energy’s Assistant Secretary of Fossil


“Harnessing the energy potential of

ANWR’s (Arctic National Wildlife Ref-

uge) coastal plain

marks a long-over-

due, new chapter in American energy

independence. Under President Trump’s

leadership, the open questions about

the future of coastal plain oil and gas

reserves have been answered; years of

inaction have given way to an informed

and determined plan to responsibly tap

ANWR’s energy potential for the Ameri-

can people for generations to come.”

– Anchorage Daily News, By U.S. Sec-

retary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt.


Network and Analytics

The Digital Mine

One Network for Compliance and Operations

Voice, Tracking, Sensors, Production Data

Wireless Working Areas

Real-time Production Process Data Visibility

Electronic Data Capture

Time Studies, Shift Reports

Innovative Wireless Technologies, Inc.


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“US energy leadership will not be

achieved through rolling blackouts

and soaring electricity costs.

It will

come through developing a technology-

driven approach to reducing emissions

that holds down energy costs, improves

reliability, and creates globally replicable

solutions. That’s the path forward – not

another sweltering night in the dark.”

– Count on Coal

“The so-called “Clean

Power Plan” was de-

signed to shut down



plants, raise energy

bills and hurt Wyoming


The Supreme

Court stopped it from going into effect.

President Trump struck the devastating

regulation off the books and developed a

commonsense replacement. Free Market

innovation, not government regulation or

taxation, is the solution to addressing a

changing climate. Wyoming is leading

the way by developing innovative solu-

tions, which will allow us to keep using

coal and, at the same time, reduce emis-

sions. A prime example of Wyoming’s

world-class leadership is the Integrated

Test Center.”

– U.S. Sen. John Barrasso, R-WY, chair-

man of the Senate Committee on Envi-

ronment and Public Works.

“Coal is a God-given

resource as are all min-

erals that we use as a


The Green Fu-

ture (often referred to) is

totally dependent upon in-

creased mining worldwide

and even coal continues to play a part

as a resource in the alternative energies

being touted by a so-called ‘Green New

Deal’. The dirty little secret of the Green

New Deal is how the rest of the world con-

tinues to mine resources without benefit

of the social and environmental respon-

sibility shown in our country. The rest of

the world continues to rely on coal to help

bring people out of energy poverty. En-

ergy needs in the US and worldwide are

projected to increase, and only the most

naïve of us believe that solar, wind and

geothermal will satisfy this demand.”

–Andy Willis, consulting ining engineer

from Pikeville, KY.