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Mining People Magazine


“Lignite is a pillar

in our state (North

Dakota) because it

generates affordable


and far more tax

revenue and jobs than

wind. For example, a

1,000 MW coal facil-

ity provides six times more tax revenue

than a 1,000-MW wind farm. By giving up

coal for wind, we are blowing a $27 mil-

lion hole in the budgets of state and local

governments every single year. Over the

life of a plant, this is hundreds of millions

in lost revenue. Setting aside all the oth-

er quantifiable factors between wind and

coal, wind does not come close to provid-

ing the full-time jobs and tax revenue that

coal does. Once we look at the costs and

benefits of both, coal beats wind.”

– Perrie Schafer, Environmental Services


“Fossil fuels continue to play a signifi-

cant role in the global energy profile…

Proving carbon capture and storage tech-

nology is critical to securing the long-term

viability of sustainable coal production in

Saskatchewan and around the world. In

the fall of 2014, Boundary Dam Power

Station near Estevan (Canada) became

the first power station in the world to suc-

cessfully use CCS technology. Unit #3

CCS produces 115 megawatts of power

and is capable of reducing the SO2 emis-

sions from the lignite coal process by up

to 100 percent and the CO2 by up to 90

percent. SaskPower is increasing the use

of natural gas, hydro, wind and solar. But

even with these power sources, we still

need a constant power source that keeps

the lights on 24/7 and is affordable. By

capturing and safely storing CO2 emis-

sions before they reach the atmosphere,

we can help ensure a brighter future for

both our province and the world.”

– Paul Jones, Coaldale

“The mining industry plays a central

role in our economic growth and the

success of American manufacturing,

which is why the Department is deter-

mined to ensure that miners can go

about their work safely. As we recover

from the pandemic the mining industry

will continue to be an important source

of jobs and resources. I thank David Za-

tezalo (assistant secretary of labor for

mine safety and health)

for joining me and car-

rying out MSHA’s mis-

sion to protect America’s


– Eugene Scalia, U.S.

Secretary of Labor.

“World over, many countries are mi-

grating from coal to cleaner forms of

renewable energy sources,

but in India,

the situation is different. The question is,

can renewables take over coal complete-

ly in our country? Not in the near future

at least. For now, coal will continue to

remain the dominant en-

ergy source, while solar,

wind, hydro and natural

gas would supplement

coal in meeting the en-

ergy needs.”

– Pramod Agrawal,

chairman, Coal India












From our readers: “Good morning! I look forward to the new issues of “Mining

People” and particularly to the articles of Debra McCown.

In the September

issue, the article of the history of coal mining was of particular interest as it is indeed

the history of civilization. Please pass my compliments to her for either great research

or a wonderful diversified education.”

Keep up the good work!

– Elton Wright, Parts Manager, Blue Ridge Diesel