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Mining People Magazine

those many enterprises that could have easily faded away.

Change always presents opportunity, yet it is easy and intuitive

to resist change. The first barrier any company must address

during such times are not the external relationships, but the

internal. Leaders need to obtain “buy-in” from those who

are initially resistant and are used to the conventional and

predictable. As of 2013, Belt Tech’s process had not changed

for more than two decades, yet everything around it had.

“I came on board with Belt Tech because Justin had the vision

to grow the company during times of uncertainty,” said Chris

Hatfield, director of procurement and materials management.

“We were of like minds, envisioning taking the company into

different market sectors, so the company wasn’t solely relying on

a single industry. I have had the opportunity to use my expertise

to help Belt Tech grow and become a stronger company.”

“I joined Belt Tech because I was impressed with their reputation

for quality and professionalism and witnessing firsthand the

leadership’s foresight to adapting to an ever-changing market,”

said Steve Skidmore, V.P. of business development. “They put

the needs of the customers and employees safety and well-

being at the forefront! During difficult and often adverse market

conditions, Belt Tech has sustained considerable growth with

the recent addition of two new locations along with new product

and service offerings. It’s a great organization with a great team

of professionals always moving forward!”

It takes vision, leadership, and full internal support to succeed

when the fundamental rules of a business shift. If employees

understand a clear vision with goals that align with their own

individual goals, they will buy-in and want to become part of the

success story. Execution of tasks to accomplish goals become

much more comfortable with synergy. This total support culture

creates a success beacon that attracts more talent and more


Belt Tech Incorporated

ny lifelong resident of Bluefield, VA, will tell you that

coal has always been the central focus of the local

economy, whether it was the machine shop on the

corner, Norfolk Southern’s large railhead downtown,

or a small warehouse on the northside of the

railyard that vulcanized mining belts. The coal

industry impacts everyone in Central Appalachia,

directly or indirectly.

Justin Hamm, president of Belt Tech Inc., grew up in the belt

business and worked in it since graduating from high school.

His formal education centered around business and computer

science during the internet boomof the 1990s. During semesters

on weekdays he taught courses on the latest technologies

in programming or networking. During the academic breaks

and weekends he could be found pulling on chain-falls to lift

a counterweight on a refuse system at the preparation plant in

Eastern Kentucky. Upon graduating from college, the industry

took another downturn, and it was that roller coaster effect that

caused Hamm to look at longer-term options.

In the fall of 2011 he worked in healthcare administration,

specifically, Director of IT Systems Support and Deployment

for Community Health Systems. The job required him to be an

agent of change and with shifts in the nation’s energy policies

enacted by the Obama Administration, change was coming into

the region.

Economic conditions closed the weaker operations and forced

more resilient operations to reinvent business processes.

Gone were the verbal contract and handshake execution to

General Service Agreements and Purchase Orders. His father,

James Hamm, did business in the coalfields and had evolved

toward an analytical and process-driven procurement approach

regarding strategic supplier contracts. As those contracts were

executed, change came to the numerous small enterprises that

supported the local mining operations. Belt Tech was one of



Tennessee Warehouse and Sales Center

Virginia Warehouse for Cable and Conveyor Components