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Mining People Magazine


“Energy security and



concerns have been



around our staggering

import reliance for

uranium. Now more

than ever – when we

are seeing the fragile nature of global

supply chains assumed to be unshakable

for so long – the establishment of a

national uranium reserve (Nuclear Fuel

Working Group) is an important first step

to secure our domestic supply chain.

Domestic uranium production is teetering

on the edge of disappearing, with less

than five percent of our needs being met

domestically. Our mineral import reliance

for uranium and other minerals should

be alarming to all Americans, especially

when the US is home to ample resources,

stringent environmental protections, and

the most advanced mining technologies

and best practices in the world.”

– Rich Nolan, NMA president/CEO.

“UEC (Uranium Energy

Corp) is positioned

to lead

and provide

competitive production

to the US government’s

10-year, $1.5 billion



program with a US

4 million pound per year production

profile of low cost, fully permitted, in-situ

recovery projects. ISR technology has a

competitive advantage over conventional

mining, with lower capital and operating

costs as well as the environmentally

friendly nature of the ISR production


UEC President/CEO Amir Adnani

“At this point in time, it’s probably

more accurate to say that renewable

energy sources will supply about the

same amount of generation as coal

over the next two years.

The EIA report

suggests coal consumption could grow

as much as 10 percent next year as

the economy stabilizes and things get

back to some semblance of normalcy.

Renewable generation is expected to

grow by 11 percent this year even with

the virus causing massive disruptions.

EIA projects an additional 20.4 GW of

new wind capacity and 12.7 GW of utility-

scale solar capacity will come online this

year, although that forecast is fraught

with uncertainty.”

– EIA economist Tyler Hodge.

“In the midst of economic upheaval

brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic,

Maryland has witnessed unprecedented

“The road to recovery is not going to be a short one, but once the crisis has

abated, the mining industry is prepared to provide the foundation

for the recovery

we know will come. America’s mines and miners provide the antimicrobial metals that

are helping the nation’s doctors and nurses save lives, the materials essential to our

infrastructure, as well as the fuels that power the grid to keep the lights on in homes,

businesses and hospitals. The mining industry supports 537,000 direct jobs and more

than 1 million additional indirect jobs. It’s the irreplaceable economic engine in many

communities, and as an essential industry, it’s playing a critical role in keeping the

nation moving forward even as most of us do our part by staying in place.”

(Count on Coal)