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Strata Worldwide is excited to announce the global launch

of its next generation emergency refuge chamber; the

Strata ERCX.

The Strata ERCX is a steel-sided, walk-in refuge chamber

for use in underground metal/non-metal mines, tunneling

operations, chemical plants, and any other industrial facility

where emergency isolation for workers may be required.

The new design is intended to provide greater flexibility for

custom configurations, and to implement many time-learned

improvements for occupant safety and comfort.

“We have been engineering and constructing refuge chambers

for the global mining and tunneling markets for over 13 years,”

states David Maust, General Manager of Emergency Refuge

Chambers - Americas. “We have learned valuable lessons from

our experiences and through customer input. It was our primary

goal to develop a product that would meet the preferences of

our customers, and at the same time be easily tailored to meet

local and industry-based regulations.”

The ERCX is available in four standard sizes, 8- 12-, 20- and

26-person and has select base configurations. It also boasts a

comprehensive list of customer preferred options.

These options range from structural modifications, such as

wheel and hitch packages and airlock entrance compartments,

to highly sophisticated communications and remote monitoring

systems that include several options for establishing a live

connection to the surface.

Time duration selections include 24, 36, 48 and 96 hours of

breathable air and battery back-up on-board supplies.

“We are very optimistic about this new product launch,” CEO

Mike Berube says.

“As a company, Strata Worldwide is always looking to enhance

and expand its safety product lines, and this new design of one

of our core products is another step forward on our mission. We

wanted to create a globally recognizable product that brings to

our customers the latest technologies available.”

The ERCX has earned mining industry certifications fromMSHA

and ATEX, as well as ITA & BS EN tunneling certifications.

The new units are ready to order, with Strata already making its

first deliveries this month.

For more information please contact us at 1.877.691.6607 or email at






a Reality for



Global mining software leader MICROMINE is using

advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning

to take loading and haulage automation in underground

mines to the next level.

The new technology, designed to drive performance, safety

and efficiency from underground vehicle operations, is

embedded in the latest version of MICROMINE’s specialist

fleet management and mine control solution, Pitram.

The sophisticated software, developed in partnership with

researchers from the University of Western Australia, has been

successfully trialed across Australia, Mongolia and Russia.

Pitram uses on-board vehicle cameras to capture operational

data and applies machine learning to analyze the output and

pinpoint areas for improvement.

The software tracks variables like loading, hauling, dumping

and travelling empty time. Video feed is processed on the

loader, by the Pitram vehicle computer edge device, and the

data is transferred to Pitram servers for further processing and


The solution intelligently considers the information gathered,

using comprehensive deep neural network models to highlight

areas where machine efficiency and safety could be optimized.

MICROMINE Chief Technology Officer Ivan Zelina said,

“Pitram’s new version is a significant breakthrough because it

gives mine managers sophisticated data insights in real time

so they can immediately make adjustments to fine-tune plant

performance and efficiency.

“We’re striving to help companies optimize their mining

value chain. There is a lot of room for improvement and we

believe enhancing one of the most fundamental and critical

underground mining assets – loaders – is a great place to start.

“With increased business knowledge, mine managers have

more control and can make more informed decisions which

reduces risk, improves safety and bolsters overall return from

underground mining environments.”

To explore the power of Pitram, please visit




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