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MAY / JUNE Issue

Mine of the Future

He tries to drive this point home when he gives slide presentations, he says: an old-

timey image of men doing a tough, dirty job with picks and shovels beside a picture

of modern-day workers running equipment with video game controllers.

“They’re staring at a big bank of screens, and they can drive a haul truck or they

can drill blast holes. They can do all these different tasks without having to be there

[underground], and that’s cutting edge today,” Klenk says. “So, I don’t know what it’s

going to look like in the future, but I think it’s’ going to be that level of step change

plus some.”

Technology is an important part of the planning process for the mine; with a decade

to work with, there’s time to develop the processes and equipment needed to work

in the uniquely hot, wet conditions of the geologic anomaly that both created the

plentiful ore deposits in the region and makes them challenging to mine.

Klenk says there will be a lot of automation at the mine, but the company still


One of the Biggest Investments

in Arizona History