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Mining People Magazine

esolution Copper’s big mining project in Arizona is tackling a lot of big

milestones. The mine itself is more than a mile deep, challenging geologic

conditions are pushing the boundaries of technology, and the project began

with the unprecedented cleanup of a massive environmental mess, freeing

the local community from a generations-old hazard.

Though still perhaps a decade out from production, Resolution – a business

partnership owned by global mining giants Rio Tinto and BHP – has already sunk

an estimated $2 billion into the project and is in the process of

sinking its second shaft 7,000 feet beneath the southern Arizona


“We sort of, from day one, billed this place as the mine of the

future,” says Hesston Klenk


manager of governance,

assurance, & engagement for Resolution. “It’s not going to be

the mine that our grandparents worked at or one that we all saw

as kids, or even the one in my 16 years working in the industry.

It’s not going to be anything like what I’ve seen in my career.”

Resolution Copper:

The No 9 and No 10 headframes at the Resolution

Copper Project. A headframe is the structural

frame above an underground mine shaft, and it is

used to raise and lower conveyances within the

shaft (e.g., people, equipment, materials).

By Debra McCown Thomas