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Mining People Magazine


“The metals and mining industry

provides critical raw materials that

make possible a wide range of existing

and emerging technologies,


innovative green technologies such

as electric vehicles, wind turbines and

solar panels. The fact is that the green

economy of the future literally cannot

exist without the copper, nickel, lithium,

aluminum, cobalt and various rare earth

minerals that are supplied by the metals

and mining industry. At the same time,

decades of adverse environmental

impacts from mining activities such as

greenhouse gas emissions, hazardous

waste and habitat loss have tarnished the

industry’s reputation. But leaders in the

industry have embraced the importance

of environmental protection measures

and biodiversity preservation in their

business operations and are increasingly

responsible to stakeholder pressure

and ESG investor concerns seeing

implementation of socially responsible

production methodologies. In fact,

according to a recent study by Ernst &

Young, nearly half of all executives in the

industry rank the loss of social support -

or the industry’s social license to operate

- as their single most important business


– Karner Blue Capital.

“I can help shape those efforts (in

energy education and research) by

supporting students, faculty and


who are interested in all aspects of

energy, and how we can do it all better.

We need to educate everyone about the

importance of energy, how it affects them

and how the choices we make affect

and influence others. As the director of

ACERA, I have the opportunity to help

make that happen, and I was excited by

the opportunities that challenge entails.”

–Ken Anderson, director of Southern

Illinois University Carbondale’s Advanced

Coal and Energy Research Center.

“A partial transition of German road

transport to hydrogen energy is among

the possibilities being discussed to

help meet national climate targets.


team of researchers from the Institute

for Advanced Sustainability Studies has

examined the hypothetical transition

to hydrogen–powered transport sector

through several scenarios. Their

conclusion: A shift towards hydrogen-

powered mobility could significantly

reduce greenhouse gas emissions and

greatly improve air quality – in particular,

heavy-duty vehicles represent a low-

hanging fruit for decarbonization of road


–(Institute for Advanced Sustainability


“Under the proposed rule (Adopting

standards for electric motor-driven

mine equipment and accessories),

aying thank you to our advertisers this holiday

season just doesn’t feel strong enough. They are

the nucleus, the very heart of what makes


People Magazine

tick. We have advertisers that

have been in our magazine from the very inception,

nearly 45 years ago, and, as time moved on, the family

of supporters grew until we had a thriving publication

that focused on the positivity of our mining industry. Even

today, with a Pandemic wreaking havoc throughout the

country, our advertisers have kept us moving along.

We can say “thank you advertisers” until the moon turns

green, but it still wouldn’t be enough.

during a one-year transition period,

mine operators could use equipment

and accessories that meet either 14

voluntary consensus standards or the

existing MSHA approval requirements.

After that period, operators would be

required to use the consensus standards

for equipment and accessories covered

by consensus standards. The proposed

rule would improve the efficiency and

effectiveness of the product approval

process, and promote the use of

innovative technologies for improved

mine safety and health.”

–U.S. Department of Labor (the rule is

available at


“Trump has been very

good to policies that effect

us and our industry and

our coal miners.

The big

concern I think is they hire

folks to run these agencies

that have some regulatory or permitting

authority over our people. That’s what

the Obama administration did and they

exercised what I call a ‘one directional

mode’ that the commander says ‘We’re

going to get rid of fossil fuels, and they

set out to do that. They closed a bunch of

coal-fired power plants, they discouraged

any kind of financing or involvement from

anybody in fossil fuels – not only coal, but

natural gas as well – and the big concern

is that. What we’ve always wanted, what

we’ve always asked for is a level playing

field and having an opportunity to discuss

with those policy makers a reasonable

approach to achieve environmental

protection – clean air, clean water and all

of those things.”

–Bill Raney, president WVCA.

Yes, we’re grateful. During this emotional time, what with the

holiday, the Pandemic, and political uncertainties going on,

it’s a devastating potpourri of mishappenings. Mining people

will fight through the negativity with a continued enthusiasm

for what’s to come. They are tough, gritty people.

Mining people, of all sectors, will remain positive. They are

our energy heroes — no matter the circumstances.

Once again, thank you advertisers. We are here because

of You!

Enjoy the holidays. See you in 2021.


We Thank Our Advertisers


Al Skinner

I do not think we’re anywhere close to the final throes of the coal


Certainly, there have been a number of challenges over the

past five to 10 years nationally. But when we look globally, the industry

is strong. And we believe that coal has an important part to play in the

future of energy production in the US, at least for the foreseeable future.“

–Matt Bell, CEO, Reliable Energy.