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December Issue

Bluefield Coal Show Announcing

New Dates: 2022

The Bluefield Coal Show, brought to you by the

Chamber of Commerce of the Two Virginias,

has a new date. The biennial event, originally

scheduled for September 15-17, 2021 has

been rescheduled to avoid any conflict with the

revised date of the National Mining Association

(NMA) show. We were notified by the officials

of the National Mining Association, that due to


2020 was forced to reschedule and would

conflict with the Bluefield Coal Show dates in

September 2021.

After considerable discussion with many of

the 2019 exhibitors, the service providers,

and the Bluefield Coal Show Executive

Committee; the Chamber

will reschedule the Bluefield

Coal Show to

September 14-

16, 2022

according to Bob

Ramsey (r), General Chairman

for the Bluefield Coal Show.

We understand many of

the exhibitors have already

contracted with the MINExpo

INTERNATIONAL® for 2020 and will be

exhibiting at the September 2021 show in Las


With the change in dates, the National Mining

Association has agreed to support the Bluefield

Coal Show 2022 event and will be working in

conjunction with us on advertising, exhibit

space and promotions, as confirmed by Bob

Ramsey. If you plan on attending MINExpo

INTERNATIONAL® in 2021, please stop by

The Bluefield Coal Show booth and say hello.

The Bluefield Coal Show will provide contracts

and promotional information in mid-2021 for the

September 2022 Show. As always, exhibitors

in the 2019 show will receive their exhibitors’

packet two months in advance of being mailed

to prospects. Additional information will be

available on our website,



com and the Bluefield Coal Show site, https://

show. Information will continue to be posted

on these sites until the show.

The Bluefield Coal Show would like to thank all

of our longtime exhibitors for their support and

understanding through this difficult time that

has required rescheduling.

If you have questions, and/or need additional

information, please contact the Chamber at:

; Bluefield: 304-327-

7184 and Princeton: 304-487-1502.

innovators – and they’re finding ways to accomplish what they need to


Even in the doldrums that followed the cliff-plunge in production for many

companies after Covid-19 hit back in the spring, the conversation has settled

in a place that’s positive, hopeful, and upbeat.

When I asked the folks at the National Mining Association about Covid-19

back in the summer, they already had a list of ways they were adapting – and

calling attention to issues in the global economy that the pandemic had made

clear. Now, they’re looking ahead to the Covid-19 recovery.

“The mining industry looks forward to working with President-elect Biden and

Vice President-elect Harris to help drive America’s post-pandemic economic

recovery and set our country on a firm course for a prosperous future,” said

NMA President and CEO Rich Nolan, in a recent news release following

announcements of the election results.

“This past year has presented some of the most difficult economic and social

challenges of our time. Now is the time to move forward in a positive direction,

and the mining industry is committed to providing the foundation upon which

we will launch our recovery.”

Ashley Burke, vice president of communications at NMA, said in response

to questions that the new year brings an opportunity for the United States to

begin addressing some of the challenges the pandemic has revealed.

“2021 brings an opportunity for the White House to address the grave

vulnerabilities that exist in our energy, national security, manufacturing and

medical supply chains given our reliance on geopolitical rivals for minerals we

could be sourcing here at home,” she said.

“When you look at the advanced technologies that are essential for the future of

our country, their production and deployment simply cannot be accomplished

without more support for our domestic mining industry.”

In a time of political division, industry also has some great news with bipartisan

significance: long-awaited technologies that capture carbon dioxide from fossil

fuel emissions are on the cusp of commercialization – and presumably on the

verge of solving a contentious, longstanding political debate about greenhouse

gases and the balance between the economy and the environment.

Mining people have always had an above average level of optimism, the

confidence to take calculated risks, a faith in technology as a tool that’s

always ready to help solve the next problem, and the perseverance to get the

job done. This is true whether it means pulling a mineral out of the ground,

finding a safe way to work in a pandemic, or solving the challenge of carbon

dioxide emissions.

In 2020, that spirit has been put to the test – and it has prevailed.

This industry is set to be a key part of the post-pandemic recovery not just

because of its foundational importance to the economy, but also because of

its hope, determination, and willingness to work for success. After all, this is

just another downturn – and some say the worst of it is behind us.

As 2020 draws to a close, panic has finally given way to planning – and

people are learning how to move forward despite the challenges posed by

the pandemic. It’s been an interesting year. An instructive year. And now, we

can hope the new year we are about to begin will bring us out of the shadow

of Covid-19.

So long, 2020! Here’s hoping that by this time next year, you’ll be a distant