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Eastern Rebuild & Repair

Full Service Rebuild, Repair, and Remanufacturing Facility

Our Services and Expertise Meet all

your Rebuild and Remanufacture

Needs for Room and Pillar

Underground Mining Equipment.

For an estimate on your project or assistance contact

Eastern Rebuild & Repair

423-784-6173 or email

Continuous Miners

Roof Bolters

Continuous Haulage

Shuttle Cars


Battery Transportation Equipment

Belt Drives

Feeders and Frame Fabrication

Miner before rebuild & repair.

Completed miner.

• Eastern listens to the customers’ input

to improve equipment and save capital.

• Our techniques and standards are far

superior to the industry practices and


• All work is performed by experienced

underground mechanics and


• Rebuild Personnel are available to

assist with startup when your

equipment is delivered and provide

ongoing support.

• Clients are free to routinely inspect

equipment during the rebuilding

process and input during the

remanufacturing process is welcome.

“It was great to have

decision makers, ex-



miners, planners and

others from coal com-

panies on hand (Blue-

field Coal Show).

I think

that variety of people really speaks well

to all the exhibitors, and the purchasing

people, of course were here as well. Ex-

hibitors came from all around the eastern

US. We have a good cross-section of the

mining industry represented from the pur-

chasing side of things. That was exciting

to us as well.”

– Robert “Bob” Ramsey, general chair-

man of the Bluefield Coal Show.

“It’s time we talk about how to address

climate change in a way that will actu-

ally have a global effect and not just

serve to put American coal miners

out of work

while do-

ing nothing to actually

reduce greenhouse gas



Eliminating coal jobs in

America does not elimi-

nate the global coal use.

All we are really doing is

transferring more production overseas,

which will be done by poorly paid work-

ers with little or no safety protections.

Our union stands ready to assist in the

development of climate legislation that

advances technology, protects workers

and their communities, and moves the

nation forward on an aggressive course

of carbon mitigation while ensuring elec-

tric reliability.”

– Cecil Roberts, president, Union Mine

Workers of America.

“Carbon capture – not wind or solar

generation – is the “most vital” tech-

nology to reducing emissions.


national Energy Agency (IEA) experts

understand that fossil fuels will remain

the lifeblood of the global economy for

decades to come. Using these fuels

more efficiently and producing cost-ef-

fective technologies to reduce, capture,

and utilize their emissions can’t just be


“The US mining industry applauds those Senators who stood

by this thoughtful, legally-sound rule and rejected a clear case

of political theater

(Senate rejects attack on ACE rule). The ACE

(affordable clean energy) rule shows that it is possible to advance the

nation’s environmental protections while preserving the rightful authority

of the states to manage their own unique energy infrastructure and

electric grids. Unlike the prior administration, this EPA has chosen to follow the law

instead of picking winners and losers, and through that path has allowed for a smart,

responsible, all-of-the-above energy strategy that continues to support affordable,

reliable electricity for all Americans.”

– President/CEO Rich Nolan, NMA.