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Mining People Magazine

Mining people today, especially coal people are like a small band of soldiers surrounded by

a horde of schemers with a kill-all purpose, firing falsehoods in rat-a-tat fashion.

These lie-

infested schemers want to eliminate the coal industry, with little compassion for a storied industry

and the great working people who give it heart.

Forget the problems of the world; first and foremost is eliminating coal. If these politicos put all that

wasted time toward helping solve our global problems things might get better.

Each day,

Mining People Magazine

compiles news of happenings in the mining and aggregates

fields. The coal industry takes center stage. A large portion of the news is negative toward coal…

shutdowns, bankruptcies, production decreases, etc. It’s discouraging but, every so often, we get a

story about a new mine opening, or new research that amplifies the use of coal outside the energy

sector, like medicines, perfumes, etc. The big thing today is exports. Our coal exports could be a


The coal industry has diminished in recent years, but it’s still in the energy mix with a 20 percentile

standing, give or take a percent. And we have many coal believers, who disseminate the truth,

dispelling the wave of lies from the horde. Forget the “yellow journalism,” there are several pro-coal

groups that write the truth. One such supporter is Count on Coal, with a lineup of terrific writers.

Here’s what the group says:

“Early this year in the Midwest when the polar vortex sunk temperatures to zero and below, coal

generation proved essential in keeping the power on and homes warm. In a matter of hours, wind

generation went from providing nearly half of electricity demand in some states to next to nothing.

Not only did the extreme cold come with reduced wind, but also it got so cold many turbines had

to be shut down so that their gears wouldn’t break. While wind power faltered when it was needed

most, coal plants were able to ramp up their generation to fill the gaps. There are countless other

examples that reinforce the importance of fuel-secure coal generation to a balanced electric mix.”

Politicos have short memories. Coal came to the rescue at a critical moment in the Midwest, only

to be soon forgotten.

All is not lost globally. The coal industry is flourishing in many overseas countries, especially in

Southeast Asia, including India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Add China and India to that mix and

the future of coal is safe for many years to come. And good ole USA is making the most of a

positive situation with its exports, particularly met coal – a steel making must.

Many believe renewables are the energy way of the future, and

rightfully so. Renewable are making great strides, and growing

rapidly in the US and overseas, but it will take umpteen years for

an “energy takeover.” IEA says it this way: “Renewable energy

is set to play a larger role, but the share of renewables in power

generation would rise only to 30 percent by 2040, from the

current 24 percent.” A few years back, renewables were barely

noticeable at a 2 or 3 percent production.

Historically speaking, coal will never again reach the level of a

45 or 50 percent energy provider, but coal will still have a large

share in the energy sector – that’s a given!!


Al Skinner

Coal Generation Remains Integral to Balance Energy Mix