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Mining People Magazine

Dozer on clean coal stockpile at Deane Mining.

Rail loading at Deane Mining.



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2/19/18 11:09 AM

subsidiary Quest Energy, which oversaw

the company’s expansion through the

recent downturn, buying coal assets at

bargain prices as many operators went

bankrupt. Among its acquisitions: Deane

Mining, IGC Knott County (renamed

Knott County Coal), and McCoy Elkhorn


Now the company has four mining

permits up and running in Central

Appalachia and the Illinois Basin, 38 in

Kentucky and West Virginia that could be

brought online, and an eye out for more


Ranging in age from 39 to 45, the

executive team is made of Generation-

Xers who question everything – and have

found a way forward that doesn’t look

much like the legacy companies they’ve


Jensen isn’t from the coalfields; he grew

up in his dad’s small business in Indiana –

a cabinet company that was his weekend

and summer job. As a young adult he

went on to work in finance, melding that

background with the small-business

mindset of his upbringing to tackle this

Coal in Central Appalachia continued