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JUNE / JULY Surface Operations - Buyer’s Guide Issue

Eastern Rebuild & Repair

Full Service Rebuild, Repair, and Remanufacturing Facility

Our Services and Expertise Meet all

your Rebuild and Remanufacture

Needs for Room and Pillar

Underground Mining Equipment.

For an estimate on your project or assistance contact

Eastern Rebuild & Repair

423-784-6173 or email

Continuous Miners

Roof Bolters

Continuous Haulage

Shuttle Cars


Battery Transportation Equipment

Belt Drives

Feeders and Frame Fabrication

Miner before rebuild & repair.

Completed miner.

• Eastern listens to the customers’ input

to improve equipment and save capital.

• Our techniques and standards are far

superior to the industry practices and


• All work is performed by experienced

underground mechanics and


• Rebuild Personnel are available to

assist with startup when your

equipment is delivered and provide

ongoing support.

• Clients are free to routinely inspect

equipment during the rebuilding pro-

cess and input during the remanufactur-

ing process is welcome.

it replaces the WOTUS rule with environ-

mentally responsible policies that provide

regulatory clarity for businesses and prop-

er recognition of state authority to manage

water quality as Congress intended.”

– President/CEO Hal Quinn, NMA.

“Market sources say thermal coal

prices appear poised for a sharp drop

that could seriously squeeze producer

profit margins,

especially for high-cost

mining companies. A number of thermal

coal producers facing high-cost structures

are in Australia, Russia and the US, and

could be among those vulnerable to lower

prices, sources said.”


“Frankly, we’re real disappointed in the

mayor that he would select to come af-

ter our coal miners

and our coal mining

families in the (coal) states like West Vir-

ginia that rely so heavily on coal-fired elec-

tric generation and coal mining and all the

support jobs that really drive our economy

here. And we’re not alone.”

– VP Chris Hamilton, WV Coal Asso-

ciation. (In response to NY City Michael

Bloomberg who says he will donate $500

million to close all of the nation’s coal

plants by 2030.)

“The need for innovation as well as

research and development in the energy

space is far more than a throwaway


dismissed by the renewable-or-

nothing crowd. Reducing emissions both

here and abroad and meeting the world’s

energy needs is going to take new and

better technologies. Effective emissions

strategies must be replicable. Technology

solutions that help reduce emissions from

the fuels the world uses and will continue

to use, are essential. The costly, regressive

Clean Power Plan, and top-down policies

like it, is just the opposite. The US needs an

approach to environmental progress that

benefits Americans, instead of inflicting

harm. The ACE rule puts us back on the

right path.” (Count on Coal countoncoal@

“The economy is nothing but a set of


The men and women that we elect

make those rules. And those rules decide

the winners and the losers. For a long,

long time, workers in this country have

been the losers, not the winners. So I

would ask those representatives, I would

look them in the eye and say, ‘ what do

you plan to do to make my life better?

How are you going to change the rules

so that we have shared prosperity, and

so that everything doesn’t continue to go

to those people at the top?’ And if they

can’t give you an answer, you probably

should look at different candidates.

There is an election next year, after all.”

– AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka.

“By 2025, renewables are projected

to supply 31 percent of US energy

to 17 percent for coal.

Coal assuredly

will continue to be a significant part

of the global energy sector for the

foreseeable future. That future is likely

to be characterized by fluctuating and

diminishing demand, changing regulatory

and market conditions, the potential for

slowed global growth, and the likelihood

of continued technological advances that

provide for cleaner, cheaper alternatives.”

– Global Risk Insights.