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“Coal remains a crucial

resource that is direct-

ly tied to the economic

vitality of our local

(Pennsylvania) commu-

nities. For every direct

coal mining job in Penn-

sylvania nearly two ad-

ditional jobs are created

and that economic impact can be recog-

nized in everything from local restaurants

to auto and truck service providers, to the

budgets of local school districts. I look for-

ward to working with the co-chairs and the

Legislative Coal Caucus to promote inno-

vative policy that further strengthens the

economic benefits of the coal industry.”

– Rep. Carl Metzgar, PA House of Repre-


“The United States has nearly tripled

its natural-gas exports to the European


since July and signed new licenses

seeking to establish American energy as

an EU mainstay. The United States needs

to permit more LNG export terminals along

its East Coast to make the European ex-

port market even more attractive.”

– William M. Herlihy, Energy Industry In-


“There’s an old adage that if you can’t

grow it, you’ve got to mine it.

And there’s

no growing the materials that are the build-

ing blocks of our infrastructure. Fortunate-

ly, America’s mines can provide the iron for

new bridges, copper for transmission lines,

silver for water treatment plants and the

countless other minerals and metals need-

ed to return our infrastructure to world-

class status. The US has more than 175

metallurgical coal mines, directly employ-

ing more than 13,000 individuals and new

mines will soon be added to that total.”

– Count on Coal.

“Coal has a bright new future – it just

won’t look like what you have known


Instead it will use coal in ad-

vanced manufacturing and advanced ma-

terials that can create jobs of the future.

Ramaco is partnering with some of the

nation’s brightest minds to build the na-

tion’s first integrated coal mining, research

and advanced manufacturing platform in

Sheridan, WY. Its goal is to turn coal into

advanced carbon products like carbon

fiber, grapheme, and medical devices.

Construction has started on the first new

research facility – privately funded, without

any taxpayer subsidy – and we’re pushing

ahead for what’s been called one of Wyo-

ming’s greatest job creation opportunities.”

– (At the request of U.S. Secretary of En-

ergy, the National Coal Council was asked

to study innovative new uses for coal be-

yond power generation. Sheridan-based

Ramaco Carbon was asked to spearhead

the report’s creation.)

(Following a ruling that the Obama’s WO-

TUS was unlawful.)

“This ruling affirms

the appropriate action already under-

way at the EPA to correct a deeply prob-

lematic regulation

that impermissibly ex-

panded federal jurisdiction to virtually any

standing body of water – from roadside

drainage ditches to groundwater to local

recycling facilities. We look forward to con-

tinuing to work with the administration as

Contact: Lisa Roper


August Issue


Deadlines Space: July 19, Material: July 26

A coal show for coal people featuring exhibitor profiles and related articles.


Features advertisers, exhibitor profiles and articles of special interest. • Discounted advertising



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