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Premium quality through

hardened wear steel with

up to 3-5 times wear life of

commodity AR wear steel.

A premium grade of

chromium carbide

wearsteel that

stands up to the

toughest, most

demanding abrasion

wear conditions.

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“Renewable energy can

only compete with base-

load energy (coal, nuclear

and natural gas) because

of the massive subsidies

that they get from the fed-

eral tax code. Baseload

power is something that runs 24 hours a

day, seven days a week, 365 days of the

year. Renewable energy is only available

a portion of the time, about one-third of

the time. When you measure the price of

electricity in cents per BTU, coal is the

lowest. If you took away all the subsidies,

coal could compete and coal will com-


– Phil Gonet, president, Illinois Coal


“If natural gas is proving no pana-

cea and grid-scale energy storage is

best suited for a few hours of backup,

then it would seem prudent to maintain

coal generation, the fuel-secure, base-

load foundation of the grid. The path we

are charging down is leaving regulators

scratching their heads wondering just

how regional grids haven’t collapsed.

Eventually, our luck is going to run out.

There will be no more rabbits to pull out

of hats. Are we ready to reckon with the




“The United States and China will

become the world’s biggest liquefied

natural gas

(LNG) exporters and import-

ers, respectively, in five years, according

to IEA. US LNG exports are expected to

rocket to over 100 billion cubic meters in

2024, dislodging current market leaders

Australia and Qatar.”


“With sufficient invest-

ment, coal has a cru-

cial role in the world’s

transition to cleaner


We have to work

together to move coal

consumption towards low

emissions technologies,

to power prosperity and drive value gen-

eration for those that need it most. Meet-

ing the Paris climate targets will take co-

operation and collaboration. Coal is the

backbone of the world’s electricity supply

and plays a significant role in sustainable

development through its use in industrial

processes, such as steel and cement

production, creating vital materials that

support growth.”

– CEO Michelle Manook, World Coal


“Virtually all buildings

– old and new – have

operational issues.


wealth of data produced

by automation systems,



meters and a new

generation of IoT devices,

combined with the power of analytics

software, enables owners and operators

to identify opportunities to enhance

performance, validate investments in

energy savings measures, and know

how their facilities are really operating.

It’s time to create value from your data.”

–J ohn Petze, partner, SkyFoundry.

“Nearly 80 percent of global energy is

met with fossil fuels. That percentage

isn’t expected to change significantly

over the coming decades.

For much of

the world, the rapid addition of renewable

energy is coming in addition to, not in

place of, every-growing dependence

on coal, oil and natural gas. Hundreds

of millions of people lack electricity and