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Mining People Magazine

Awards’ we acknowledge outstanding

accomplishments in safety and hope

that these companies’ achievements

can serve as a model for others in the


– Hal Quinn, NMA president/


“I think the increase in US (oil)

production is what gives us the ability,

for instance, to put sanctions on Iran, or

to have a more robust foreign policy and

worry a little bit less about production. I

also believe that the ability to export oil

has been a resounding success for the

US industry, and gives us more economic

gains from trading oil worldwide.”

– Dan

Eberhart, CEO of Canary, an oil service


“We are trying to make

nuclear power cool


We think it’s

really possible again to

do it with small modular

reactors. With their

ability to not have the

waste problem we see

with the big plants today. The world is

so changed when you think about the

Phone: 812.490.1525


N-Connex is a high-speed modular

mine network system that’s budget

friendly. Start with features you need

now, then add modules for what

you need in the future.

Gigabit Data Speed

Wi-Fi Voice, Email & Internet


Environmental Monitoring

Teleops & Autonomous Vehicles

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geopolitics that have occurred the last

decade. Now we are the number one oil

and gas producing country in the world.”

-- Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

“Thanks to President Trump’s

regulatory reform agenda, the

economy is booming,

energy production

is surging, and we are reducing

greenhouse gas emissions from major

industrial sources. These achievements





breakthroughs in the private sector, not

the heavy hand of government. The

Trump Administration has proven that

federal regulations are not necessary to

drive CO2 reductions (The data covers

8,000 large facilities that reported

2017 emissions to EPA).

– EPA Acting

Administrator Andrew Wheeler

“Since Donald Trump took office

in 2017, exports of LNG and crude

oil have surged,

rivaling the likes of

Saudi Arabia and Russia. Our increased

competition in the international LNG

market promotes US influence over

international political affairs in a more

positive way, than alternatives such

as the sale of arms or unreciprocated

foreign aid.”

–William M. Herlihy, Energy

Industry Insights.

“The proposed ACE (Affordable

Clean Energy) rule is a welcome


to federal restraint after years of

punitive overreach. This replacement

rule makes it clear that we can advance

the nation’s environmental protections

while preserving the rightful authority of

the states to manage their own unique

energy infrastructure and electric grids.

Reducing emissions need not come with

a crushing price tag nor the threat of

reduced grid reliability and resiliency. The

previous administration’s policy posed a

direct threat to the reliable, affordable

power that is the foundation of our


–Hal Quinn, NMA president/


“The ACE rule is expected to cut

emissions by more than a third below

2005 levels by 2030–

nearly as much

as CPP (Clean Power Plan)–while also

reducing the compliance burden by up to

$400 million annually when compared to


– NMA comments.

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