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MAY / JUNE - Underground Mining - Buyer’s Guide Issue



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Completely scalable. Unlimited possibilities.

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on beneficial competition that drives

down prices – and cut off domestic

manufacturers from markets overseas.

At the same time, the reality of today’s

global economy is that there are countries

that don’t play fair. It’s hard for the free

market to compete with the dumping of

steel being churned out by Communist

China and sold at less than what it costs

to make – because it’s big government,

and they can.

Given this reality, one could argue that it’s

reasonable policy to protect free-market

industry from the meddling of centrally

planned totalitarian regimes.

There’s also the issue of national defense

– and the fact that it would put the US in

an awfully weak position to be dependent

upon global rivals for the basic materials

needed to supply industry and the

manufacture of military hardware.

Regardless of where you stand

philosophically on tariffs as a tool in

trade policy, if your community is a place

where long-awaited industrial jobs finally

arrive, your neighbors are likely to be

pretty happy. And with several steel and

aluminum makers announcing plans to

hire workers and ramp up production, to

blue-collar workers looking for a break

it might sound like the American Dream

come true.

There’ a lot of talk around industry these

days about a perceived labor shortage

and the need for good workers – and it’s

talk you didn’t hear much of during the

previous administration. Even before the

tariff announcement, things appeared to

be looking up.

The need for welders, truck drivers,

miners, and laborers is a real thing – we

hear about it constantly – and it’s a real

sign that the economy is finally on the


From a political standpoint, the impact is

real in the shift from an anti-industry to a

pro-industry mindset in the White House.

If you’re a Trump fan, you might credit

the current president with the industrial

resurgence. If not, you may feel that that

the departure of Obama-era policies, by

itself, was enough to get the economy

moving again. But either way, it’s a good


Regardless of where you are on the

political spectrum – and regardless of

how you feel about the President and

tariffs – the word on the street is positive:

American industry is on the upswing, and

that’s good for all of us.

Whether these tariffs will ultimately help

or hurt remains to be seen. The impact

may vary among different companies

and different segments of industry. But

the bigger picture is the fact that this

administration is trying to do right by

American industry and workers.

This is a welcome change from the

previous administration, which sought to

shut down industry with overburdensome

regulations – and particularly targeted


So while folks debate the benefits vs.

risks of steel and aluminum tariffs – and

the industrial and mining sectors that

directly benefit rejoice – we can all be

glad in the knowledge that the need to

support American industry has finally

come back to the forefront.

While there’s plenty of room for debate

about specific policies, the bottom line is

that our President is taking action to help

us grow the American economy – and

that’s a good thing.