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December Issue



Belt Tracker

Reliable Richwood Belt Tracking

• Protect the belt and conveyor structure from

damage caused by off-center tracking

• Simple installation

• No edge guide rollers

• Designed for optimum work life

with heavy duty components

phone (304) 525-5436 email: inf

Innovative conveyor solutions

for bulk material handling.

An ISO 9001-2015 Company

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Mining People 2 18.indd 1

2/19/18 11:09 AM

about a business success. They’re a

lot like the stories I come across in the

mining industry.

Sometimes, like the man with the fab

shop, they took an opportunity and

turned a small business into a larger one.

Sometimes, they had a great idea – for

a new kind of grill or a piece of exercise

equipment – and they ignored all the

naysayers, working sleepless nights in

the basement or garage to perfect their

product until they got big enough to quit

their day job.

Some of those guys employ 50 people

today. Some of them employ 500.

Regardless of whether the companies

are big or small, most have these

stories of self-made success. What they

have in common is their work ethic,

perseverance, and willingness to take

leaps of faith when necessary.

The more I see the folks on social

media harp about the alleged failure

of the American Dream and perceived

lack of opportunity, the more I find

myself wondering how they became

so disconnected from the reality that

exists all around. Yes, many small

business owners fail on their first try –

but, despite that, the success stories are


No matter what is said by analysts, by

politicians, by followers of blame-others

ideology – the truth is it’s still a great time

to create and grow a business in America.

There are opportunities everywhere –

more than enough to go around.

This holiday season, as you travel to see

family and friends, you might encounter

some of the negativity that seems to be

all the rage. I think it’s important not to

let it dominate the conversation – not to

let those close to you go on believing this

flawed narrative without at least having a

chance to examine the evidence.

That doesn’t mean giving them a lecture

or getting into a political argument; this

rarely works. But perhaps you could

begin to open their eyes simply by giving

them a window into your world.

Tell them about that metal worker who

started making gym equipment in his

basement and now designs gyms for

college and professional football teams.

Tell them about the professor who left his

tenured job at the local university when

his infrared grill business finally took off.

Tell them about the mining entrepreneur

who brought the right experts together to

get a new production technology off the

ground. Tell them about the guy with the

fab shop who built a future on highway

guardrails and a whole lot of hard work.

To folks who are down on the future,

who are down on their generation’s

possibilities, who are down on America

and all the people who continue to build

this country, these true stories – the ones

you encounter every day, the ones that

show how the little guy still has such

incredible power to build – might be some

of the best Christmas cheer you could