Mining People Magazine, formerly, Coal People, Is considered the industry's Best Read Publication, offering a unique blend of editorial and news serving all aspects of the global mining and aggregates industries.


Through print and online editions, MPM allows executives, managers and other decision-makers in the mining, aggregates and energy exploration sectors to keep up with personnel moves, industry news, legislative and regulatory issues, and technology trends.


With a format comparable to no other, Mining People Magazine features stories about individuals, companies, technologies, and news.


MPM's In-Print and On-Line editions enable buyers and sellers of equipment and supplies to develop new business opportunities.

When it comes to advertising, Mining People serves as a marketplace for buying and selling mining equipment and supplies. The magazine also produces an array of buyers’ guides to help move the industry forward.

Al Skinner launched Mining People in April 1976, on Easter Morning in Charleston, WV. Al is still the editor and publisher, and is assisted by experienced editorial, sales and production teams, and numerous field correspondents. Mining People is published 10 times a year has a circulation of nearly 15,000.

Editor's Message

Al Skinner
Al Skinner

Mining People Magazine debuted on Easter Morning of April 1976, and for the past 36 years has been considered one of the industry's best read publications, featuring a unique editorial blend of human interest stories, business articles, event coverage, updates on product news and a capsulated section of news.

Staff writers/photographers travel the coal fields compiling human interest stories, bringing to life coal heroes through the pages of Mining People Magazine, celebrating the positive side of a much-maligned industry that has held strong in both secure and unpredictable times.

Mining People Magazine is delivered 10 times a year to the desks of executives in the mining and energy industries. In Print and online, Mining People Magazine is readily accessible. Current issues are available in flip-page format with active links to advertisers, news and special features.

On-going changes with advancing technology being introduced to the coal industry will be brought to readers each issue.

Mining People Magazine is dedicated to the mining, aggregates and energy industry.

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